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What is a Giclée Print and what is ArtSure?

The term giclée was first used by printmaker Jack Duganne in 1991 for fine art prints reproduced using inkjet printers.  The term giclée is from the French meaning to spray and therefore refers to how inkjet printers print. There is no British or ISO standard for giclée prints however the Fine Art Trade Guild, together with art manufacturers, have created a standard called ArtSure. Giclée print editions created under the ArtSure scheme must be created using printers, inks and papers that have been approved by the scheme and have been tested in a UKAA laboratory, or international equivalent, to give a lightfastness of a finished print of 6 or greater on the blue wool scale.

Approved printers are professional fine art printers that use pigment inks as opposed to dye inks used mainly by home printers. Pigment inks produce deeper blacks and hold their colour quality better that dye inks when exposed to sunlight.

No one can guarantee a giclée print from fading, however giclée prints produced under the ArtSure scheme when mounted and framed correctly should last a lifetime.

I print my own giclée print editions using an Epson fine art printer with ultrachrome HD pigment inks.

What is acid free paper?

Acid free paper is pH neutral paper. It can be made from wood pulp with the lignin and sulphur removed or from cotton pulp (cotton rag). Cotton rag is considered archival and will last hundreds of years without fading if kept out of direct sunlight, whereas normal paper yellows and becomes brittle with time. Our ArtSure giclée print editions are printed on 100% cotton rag.

What is conservation mat mount?

Conservation mat mount is acid free mat therefore the bevel edge of the window will retain its colour without yellowing like standard mat. Further, as conservation mat is acid free it protects the giclée print from coming into contact with acid that would damage the print. We use conservation mat together with acid free cotton tape to mount the print using the traditional T hinge system to protect the print, prevent the print from buckling due to humidity changes and allowing the print to be safely removed form the mat at a later date if required.

Who are the Guild Society of Artists?

The Guild Society of Artists is integrated into the Fine Art Trade Guild and helps artists further their careers. It also awards qualifications to members who show a high level of professionalism in their work and business practice. I am a member of the Guild Society of Artists and have been awarded the AGSA.

Guild Society of Artists logo

Who are the Fine Art Trade Guild?

ArtSure Print Quality Logo

What is ArtSure?

ArtSure is the digital print quality assurance scheme run by the Fine Art Trade Guild. You can read my ArtSure statement here >


“The Fine Art Trade Guild has been the world’s leading print registration authority since it was founded in 1847 as the Printsellers Association, with the name changing in 1910.  ArtSure is the modern face of this great tradition and we are confident that collectors of prints will come to rely on the ArtSure scheme, as they have the print registration programme.”

Who are the Association of Animal Artists (AAA)?

The AAA is a group of artists that share their love of animals and animal art.  AAA hold regular exhibitions and support and promote animal charity partners.  The following is from the AAA website, you can read more here >

“AAA Artists create Art with a Purpose”

“We are unique in that, not only do we welcome work of ANY animal, be it mammal, bird, reptile, fish or even insect, but, importantly, we also include the domestic animals we share our lives with, such as dogs, cats, horses and farm animals”

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