Artisit Interview Alan Taylor

Wildlife and Animal Artist - a little more about Alan Taylor AGSA

Thank you for visiting my page.  I live in Yarm on Tees North Yorkshire with my family, Yorkshire Terrier Tasha and Irish rescue dog Monty, (a colour pencil drawing of him is on this page).  We are unsure of Monty’s age, we think he is about 12 or 13 years old now.  My wife is very active in animal welfare issues, an area we are both passionate about and I have recently become a member of the Association of Animal Artists that support many good charities from Bumblebee and Hedgehog conservation and preservation through to animal rescue and welfare.

My love for art started as a teenager when I first began experimenting with oil paints.  I then became interested in photography and for many years was absorbed in the process of capturing images of landscapes and rock climbing, another passion of mine.

Later as a lecturer I taught digital graphic design for computer games that included concept art for characters, scenery and heads up displays.  I enjoyed watching my students develop and was impressed with their drawing skills and imagination. This inspired me to pick up my pencils and develop my graphite drawing skills which then led to both water colour painting and colour pencil drawing and pastel painting.

I love using the medium of pastels or colour pencils to capture the diverse colours and character of animal wildlife and find inspiration for my subjects from countryside walks both at home and abroad. I am a member of the Guild Society of Artists (GSA) and  gained the AGSA professional qualification for the "wonderful artwork" submitted to the GSA fine art committee and my artist professionalism.  On gaining the AGSA I was invited to interview for the Art and Framing magazine.


My art has been exhibited in the Association of Animal Artists 2019 Winter Exhibition and 2021 Autumn  Exhibition at the Station Richmond and I recently had a solo exhibition at Stockton Central Library.  My art was accepted for the  International Guild Society of Artists 2020 Exhibition that, due to the pandemic, is being rescheduled to 2022.  I have recently won a special merit award at the international Light Space Time Primary Colour Exhibition for Flight of the Kingfisher and also awarded 6th place for Bubo bubo the Eurasian Eagle owl in the "Paint and other Media" category of the Light Time Space 10th International Anniversary Art Exhibition out of over 2000 art works.

Alan Taylor Artisit Moel Hebog

Monty and Alan in cloud on the Summit of Moel Hebog


Commission for a book cover illustration, a magical raven, for established North East author Deborah Barwick.

Jack Russell Art

Monty our Irish rescue dog, colour pencil on Bockinford Paper

Alan Taylor Artist Barn Owl Pastel Painting
Primary Colors 2020 Award Ribbon.jpg
Paint - 6th Place - Alan Taylor - 10th A